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What are Conservative Ideals, Beliefs, and Values?

The conservative mindset can be described as a political and social philosophy that is characterized by a belief in “American Exceptionalism,” individual liberty, and free enterprise . Fiscal conservatives favor small government, a laissez-faire economy, low-income and corporate taxes. They also favor limited regulation, and free enterprise. Social conservatives tend to strongly identify with American Exceptionalism, patriotism, and the defense of traditional social norms.


We believe that conservatives either unwittingly or begrudgingly support the liberal agenda with their current investments. Whether through mutual funds, ETFs, or 401 (k) plans, we all unfortunately own companies that support the woke/liberal agenda.

Your Current Investments May Support:

  • Companies that are hostile to conservative values or proudly push the “woke/liberal” agenda
  • Suppression of Conservative Voices and Services (Big Tech, Social Media & Banking)
  • Woke Corporate Culture / Liberal Activism
  • Biased liberal media, banks and asset managers
  • Contributions to socialist candidates and causes

AND, Your Current Investments May undermine

  • Freedom of Religious Expression/View Point Diversity
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Sanctity of Life