What are Conservative Values?

Political and social philosophy characterized by: individual liberty, limiting the size of government, free enterprise and belief in “American Exceptionalism.” Fiscal conservatives favor small government, laissez-faire economy, low income and corporate taxes, limited regulation, and free enterprise. Social conservatives may tend to strongly identify with American exceptionalism, patriotism and the defense of traditional social norms. Help spread the word as we build a community of politically conservative investors.


We believe conservatives all either unwittingly or begrudgingly support the liberal agenda with their current investments. Whether through mutual funds, ETFs or 401Ks, we all unfortunately own companies that support the liberal agenda.

The American Conservative Values ETF (NYSE ticker: ACVF) is based on the conviction that politically active companies negatively impact their shareholder returns, as well as support issues and causes which are opposed to conservative political beliefs and values. ACVF is actively managed and seeks to boycott ownership of the worst companies which the adviser determines support liberal causes, charities, advocacy groups, campaigns, candidates, PACs, and think tanks.

Invest the right way alongside your conservative friends and family.

Disturbingly, Your Current Investments May Support:

  • Suppression of our First Amendment Rights: Freedom of Speech and Religion
  • Companies that are hostile to conservative values or are proudly liberal
  • The liberal media
  • Contributions to liberal candidates and causes
  • Repression of our Second Amendment Rights
  • Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities

In our opinion, politically active companies negatively impact their shareholder returns, as well as supporting issues and causes,
which conflict with our conservative political beliefs and values. Political activism has no place in the C Suite. Hold Sr. Management accountable.