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Beyond Boycotting and Divestment


Our shareholder advocacy strategy reinforces our investment thesis, which is based on the conviction that politically active companies negatively impact shareholder returns and support issues and causes that conflict with conservative political ideals, beliefs and values.

ACVF strongly believes the economic tool of denying companies capital is a powerful and immediate impetus for management to focus on business. ACVF refuses to invest in the companies most at risk to the “woke/liberal agenda” and what we believe is a wasteful misallocation of investors’ capital.

Beyond excluding the companies perceived to be most hostile to conservative values from ACVF’s portfolio (The Worst of the Worst). Our belief is that shareholder advocacy can positively impact the long term corporate performance of the companies we do own.

Shareholder Engagement

ACVF’s shareholder proposals seek to target corporate initiatives that appear to prioritize activities beyond the interests of the shareholders. Our goal is to limit the financial impact of political speech by executives as well as roll back corporate initiatives that push environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Both formally through governance and informally through outreach, ACVF seeks to combine its advocacy efforts with those of other institutional shareholders and groups that share our politically conservative views.

ACVF’s priority is shareholder returns and providing an investment alternative for politically conservative investors. Simply put, ACVF seeks to boycott as many companies hostile to conservative values as possible without sacrificing performance.

Proxy voting

ACVF’s proxy voting takes a strict approach that seeks good governance and maximizes shareholder returns. We look negatively at proposals that subordinate this focus to political agendas. Generally speaking we vote against shareholder proposals (which historically have been ESG biased).

"Aligned advocacy GROUPS**"

that share our politically conservative views

The Free Enterprise Project leads the conservative movement in shareholder activism as shareholder proponents, litigants, legislative reformers, policy experts and shareholder activists. FEP is available to assist people of the center/right to push back against “woke” corporatism that has invaded American enterprise.

The Viewpoint Diversity Score Initiative partners with shareholders, executives, civil society, and policymakers to ensure that powerful corporations respect free speech and religious freedom throughout their services and operations.


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