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Why did you create ACVF?

As long-time passionate conservatives and professional investors, we had often been frustrated watching major corporations and investment managers support causes that are antithetical to our conservative ideals, beliefs, and values. We were tired of investing in these companies! In response, we created an ETF company to proudly enable and serve fellow conservative investors.

How do you decide which companies to boycott?

ACVF is actively managed and seeks to avoid ownership of companies that the Adviser determines are hostile to conservative values. The companies are identified as having a negative reputation among politically conservative investors, engaging in business activities that alienate politically conservative customers and employees, and disproportionately showing support for woke liberal causes.

The final decision to boycott a company is qualitative. Fund management uses a weight-of-the-evidence approach that considers the company’s long standing reputation among political conservatives, potential portfolio performance risk, economic sector, and industry diversification, as well as its’ reputation relative to peers.

Typically, not one simple thing creates a reputation, but an event that calls us to action.

Will Your approach Sacrifice Performance?

We understand the importance of performance. Nobody wants to leave money on the table. For that reason, ACVF is not “ideologically pure,” but a balance between performance and advocacy. ACVF is a diversified large-cap portfolio that maintains sector and style exposure similar to the overall market. We are seeking to balance performance, which is competitive with benchmarks such as the S&P 500 and Russell 1000, with the advocacy of avoiding the worst-offending liberal companies. 

Why aren’t you boycotting “XYZ Corp.?” their Woke / liberal?

The easiest way to evaluate our holdings is to look at what we do not own, our Boycotts. What we do own is largely the result of our diversified large-cap portfolio construction and not an endorsement of the companies’ ideological purity. They are simply not the worst of the worst companies.

Please email us or take our Survey, to let us know which companies that you believe are the most liberal.

How does boycotting their stock hurt the company?

ACVF strongly believes that the economic tool of denying companies capital is a powerful and immediate impetus for management to focus on business. ACVF refuses to invest in the companies most at risk to the “woke/liberal agenda,” which we believe is a wasteful misallocation of investors’ capital. Our favorite is executive compensation. Typically, senior managers are rewarded when their company’s stock price rises. When we sell their stock or withhold from buying it, it is less likely to go up. If a third of those dollars are from politically conservative investors who subsequently sell, it will be noticed.

Where Does ACVF Fit In My Portfolio?

ACVF is intended to be a US large-cap core replacement. As an example, Mutual Funds and ETFs indexed to the S&P 500 and Russell 1000.

Where can I buy ACVF?

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How can I get the best trade Execution?
HELP with Trade Execution

Our recommended best practice when trading any ETF is to always use limit orders, particularly before 10 a.m. For trades larger than 25,000 shares we encourage you to reach out to us so we can notify the Lead Market Maker.
Email: or Call: (301) 685-7166

What is your approach to shareholder Engagement?

Beyond refusing to invest in the companies most at risk to the “woke/liberal agenda” and what we believe is a wasteful misallocation of investors’ capital.

We believe that shareholder advocacy can positively impact the long-term corporate performance of the companies we do own. Our shareholder advocacy strategy reinforces our investment thesis, which is based on the conviction that politically active companies negatively impact shareholder returns and support issues and causes that conflict with conservative political ideals, beliefs, and values.

ACVF’s shareholder proposals seek to target corporate initiatives that appear to prioritize activities beyond the interests of the shareholders. Our goal is to limit the financial impact of political speech by executives as well as roll back corporate initiatives that push environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

How can I share my insights with the management team?

Please email us or take our survey, and identify which companies you find to be the most liberal. Your input enables us to build a community of conservative investors.