I love the idea, but I do not want to sacrifice performance.

We understand the importance of performance. Nobody wants to leave money on the table. For that reason, ACVF is not “ideologically pure,” but a balance between performance and advocacy. ACVF is a diversified large-cap portfolio that maintains sector and style exposure similar to the overall market. We are seeking to balance performance, competitive with benchmarks such as the S&P 500 and Russell 1000, with the advocacy of boycotting liberal companies. If we boycotted all the “liberal” companies, sadly we would not have many left to invest in. We cannot boycott them all, so we start with the worst.

I’m concerned about the fund’s small size and low trading volume.

As is often the case with new ETFs, its assets under management (AUM) are growing, and it has low and inconsistent trading volume. We believe that daily trading volume is not the best indicator of the ETF’s liquidity. ACVF’s underlying portfolio’s liquidity should be taken into consideration along with its daily trading volume. ACVF’s large capitalization portfolio is extremely liquid and should ease concerns over both low AUM and trading volume. Our recommended best practice when trading ETFs is to always use limit orders particularly before 10am.

Why aren’t you boycotting xzy corp, they are so liberal?

If we boycotted all the “liberal” companies, sadly we would not have many to invest in. Please email us or take our survey, and let us know which are your most liberal companies.

How can I share my insights with the management team?

Please email us or take our survey, and let us know your liberal companies to help us build a community of conservative investors.

How can I buy it?

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How does not owning their stock hurt the company?

My favorite is executive compensation. Typically, senior managers are rewarded when their companies stock price rises. When we sell their stock or withhold from buying, it is less likely to go up. For example, the largest, large-cap ETF owns over $7 billion dollars of Facebook (FB). If half of those dollars are politically conservative and investors subsequently sell FB, it will be noticed.