American Conservative Values ETF Celebrates its Decision to Boycott Investing in Disney

WASHINGTON , April 5, 2022 — Today the American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF) is celebrating its decision to boycott investing in The Walt Disney Company because the company’s bankrupt values are damaging its brand and harming shareholder value.

“Disney’s efforts to circumvent parental rights regarding discussing sex in the classroom with very young children is extremely concerning but it validates our decision to boycott investing in the company from both a values and investing perspective,” said ACVF President and co-founder Tom Carter.

“Thankfully, our investors are inoculated from the financial consequences of Disney advocating the Left-wing desire for sexual indoctrination of children in classrooms,” added Carter.

In an outrageous display of corporate wokeness, Disney is opposing the Florida “Parental Rights in Education” law that “prohibits classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels.” Throwing fuel on the fire, Disney promised to use its corporate resources to lobby to repeal the law.

Disney is getting slammed by its customers with promises of boycotting its products and theme parks as well as commitments to cancel the Disney Plus streaming service. Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is looking into removing special privileges the company is enjoying in the state.

“The blowback against Disney is intense, ranging from parents across the country to elected officials in the state of Florida as well as some employees. Disney’s self-inflicted wound is causing damage to its brand and shareholder value. Moreover, the possible removal of privileges, if enacted, will add to the cost of doing business in Florida,” said ACVF CEO and co-founder William Flaig.

“Using shareholder money to lobby against parental rights is an outrageous abandonment of fiduciary responsibility. Importantly, ACVF’s investors will not suffer from Disney’s ill-advised wokeness since our ETF never invested in Disney,” added Flaig.

“We are thrilled that ACVF is delivering for our investors,” said Carter.

Founded in late 2020, ACVF has created a new community of savvy conservative investors by guiding them away from the worst offending woke corporations as well as the companies most hostile to conservative values. ACVF’s investments are based on the idea that if a company is politically active it negatively impacts its shareholders’ returns, and accordingly boycotted 27 major companies that account for approximately 26 percent of the S&P 500 over the course of 2021.

SOURCE American Conservative Values ETF

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